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I Just Want To Love You = Solo Quiero Amarte


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  1. Justin Quiles versuri "No Quiero Amarte in english", I do not want to love you I do not want to love you (Mamasita) I want to pick you up on a Friday and give you a Tuesday (Zion baby!) May you spend it with Justin Quiles - No Quiero Amarte ft. Zion & Lennox (english) lyrics.
  2. Love U. waenji seolleneun neukkim Make me feel so high hwanhan misoga (I really want it) ppajeodeulgoman shipeun neoye deep brown eyes damadullae mollae (I really want it). ijen deo isang not afraid nae mam soge neon not a friend da aljana ttokkatjana. shijagirago malhagien ajigeun jom meoreo ije dagawa deo dagawa. I just wanna love you neowa na jogeumsshik .
  3. I just want to love you. Here I am in my loneliness. Inside my soul. There's only sadness. I did everything to save your love. that we lost. I need to have you. Stay with me. Come wih me. Without you I feel so alone. I can't do it without you. Please help to translate "Sólo quiero amarte".
  4. Ooh yo sólo quiero darte un beso derecho Diciendo todo sin Una palabra de dos Ooh I just wanna love you derecha Right Oh, sí I no saben lo que es con usted Pero creo que siempre quiere lo mejor Y por mejor supongo que significa Intenciones, atenciones, visto Oh, bueno, yo sólo quiero amarte derecho Derecho Bueno, yo solo quiero amarte a la.
  5. It's just that i want to love you. Dime en donde estas que quiero dime donde estas que quiero amarte amarte Que quiero amarte eh eh Dime en donde estas que quiero amarte Que quiero amarte eh eh Nena me tenes en el olvido Desde hace un par de meses vengo contigo ja Quisiera volver a tenerte otra noche conmigo Pero el tiempo y la distancia son mis enemigos Hello, .
  6. You don't know me, baby, Like I know myself. I just want to love you, baby, But you leave me on the shelf. Ain't that lovin' you, baby? Ain't that lovin' you, baby? Ain't that lovin' you, baby? But you don't even know my name. Let me tell you something, I swear to God it's true. If you give your love to me, I'm gonna give it all to you. You.
  7. Every beat of my heart is for you, every smile is just for you, I just want to love you.(cada latido de mi corazón es por ti, cada sonrisa es únicamente para ti, solo quiero amarte a ti). I like everything about you and I don’t care if you’re not perfect, I love you. (Todo de ti me gusta y no me importa si no eres perfecta, yo te quiero.
  8. I just wanna love you. Sólo quiero amarte. I got you. Te tengo. Don't have to be so guarded. No hay que ser tan precavido. Let's finish what we started. Terminemos lo que empezamos. It's all I ever wanted. Es todo lo que siempre quise 'Cause I got you, you, oh, you.

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